Blue Light Brainscan Special in the HC Aisle!!

Blue Light Brainscan Special in the HC Aisle!!

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

H.G. Wells managed to send the country in an absolute frenzy when the War of the Worlds was broadcast back in 1938.  The degree of hysteria was unparalleled- for that time.

Is the government planning another such "broadcast"?  The government is suspected of trying to create psychic spies (which they have), communicating and collaborating with aliens (which they have), and
performing experiments with time travel (which they have).  They are also most likely doing other things that you may or may not be aware of- but you should be, you should (in fact) be wary of...

What if the government is planning another "War of the Worlds", but on a much more advanced level?  You aren't going to be fooled you say.  That may have worked on the primitive minds of the people in the early part of the century, but we're way smarter now.  Who listens to the radio?  I'll know if it's fake, because I know the difference between fact and fiction.

Well, prepare to be shocked, nothing could be further from the truth.  The government has been working with the cooperation of NASA since the 1980's on something called Project Blue Beam.  Project Blue Beam would use satellites (in a low geosynchronous orbit) to create the illusion that the end of world is actually happening- there would be an alien invasion, religious followers would experience a "rapture" (or fulfillment of religious prophecies), and major cities would fall from the pandemonium that these event would create. The alien invasion would be staged utilizing a series of very high-tech large scale holograms and microchips that are found in everyday common electronics.  (Your iPhone or Android could actually be a receiver for these images or used to power them.)  The absolute global bedlam that this creates would have people swept up in the insanity- desperately searching for some type of leadership to get them through the crisis.  This is when the N.W.O. (New World Order) would step up and appear to be everyone's saviour.  Why have wars, diseases, and other forms of intimidation to achieve your goals- let the people lift you up, carry you to your throne, and hand over the keys to the city (or in this case the world).  Why bully the kid for lunch money when you can have him hand it over willingly buy protecting him from a seemingly bigger bully?  Make sense now?  Once in power, the N.W.O. would also employ low frequency electromagnetic waves to communicate via telepathy.  Hard to know what your "leaders" have in store for you when it can't even be heard.

Skeptics discredit this theory and this event from every taking place.  They say that the technology doesn't exist for a massive ruse.  (Do you believe that the satellites in space right now are solely being used as intended?)  They go on to say that technology of this calibre couldn't be built unless it was done somewhere in a secret, cladestine location.  (Area 51?)  They argue that there's no way ALL of the world's goverments would cooperate with one another or that there's no way to coordinate an event of this magnitude.  (Who says the ALL have to?  Majority rules- you have to get the kids with the best toys to join your club, the others will follow or they get beaten up.) 

Skeptics would be insterested to know that the U.S. Armed Forces contemplated projecting a large holographic image of a Muslim Prophet in Iraq and commanding the Iraqi's to overthrow Saddam Hussein in an attempt to limit the bloodshed such a coup would create.  Where is the evidence for this you ask?  Probably buried deep within the Earth, in one the many vaults in the Pentagon.  Still not convinced?  Watch the video of Tupac Shakur in Coachella where he joins Dr. Dre and the Snoop double D Oh Gee on stage- a decade after his death.  The technology is out there and the government's is ALWAYS better...  Always.

This exciting item will enable to see through the lies- whether they're a government conspiracy or just someone attempting to pull the wool over your eyes.  This piece will shred their curtain of deceit and allow you see them for what and who they truly are using your mind's eye.  You will longer be the victim of lies (no matter how carefully constructed or executed), scams (that Namibian prince doesn't want to give you his money), cheaters (you're the only one for me- and so are the three other people I'm having a relationship with), and anything else that charlatan's try to use to seduce you.

This piece's power lies in it's ability to contort to the mind forms of somebody else inner brain.  It allows you actually read the thought forms of somebody else to know exactly what they are thinking at all times.  It will also allow you to control one's mind by manipulating their thought forms.  Incredible piece!! 


The ring is size 7.5 and sterling silver.