Eilean Mor Summon Abilities

Eilean Mor Summon Abilities

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

                                                         What happened on Eilean Mor?  What secrets does it hold?  Where are the lighthouse keepers?

There is an island in the Flannan Isles called Eilean Mor that has quite an infamous history.  Eilean Mor is Gaelic for "Big Island" though it's only 39 acres large, it's known for it's treacherous, craggy terrain, and the fact that there's very few man-made structures.  There are only two buildings- the ruins of a chapel and a lighthouse that was erected in 1895.

Aside from the barren landscape the island is reportedly home to giant birds and little people that possess magical abilities.  This belief is so strong that when locals and visitors come to the island they use a special dialect that is specific to the island and follow a strict set of rules to behave that show proper respect to the isles supernatural residents.  What these birds are and where they are from is unknown.  There have been eyewitness accounts of the little people sightings, but one has ever come in contact with them OR if they have- they were never heard from again.

In the 1900's, a man who travelled to the island to relieve one of the lighthouse keepers (there were three at time) and all of them have vanished.  Vanished.  There was absolutely no sign of them at all.  When he arrived, he discovered that all of the clocks had wound down and there hadn't been a log book entry for at least week.  It was a well documented fact the keepers were forbidden to all be outside at one time- especially after dark.  People have speculated that it could have been caused by storms and high winds that may have damaged the outside of the lighthouse, but they were strictly forbade to be outside at the same time- so surely one man would have survived to tell the tale of the other two missing workers.  There was no one.

It was also theorized that all of the men could have boarded a passing ship and deserted their posts.  There are several reasons for this to not have been possible.  There were no reports of ships or any other marine vessels in the area during or around the time of the disappearance.  There men were instructed to record any and all activity concerning the lighthouse.  The log book made no indication or a storm or any other conditions that would have called for them to make repairs.  The outside of the building had no visible signs of damage associated with a storm- just normal degragation from the constant exposure to the salty mist from the sea.

Others have suspected that the isolation from the mainland could have driven one, or all, of the keepers insane and that they turned on one another or one man acting alone- killed the other two and then committed suicide afterwards.  This theory has been debunked as there was no grisly evidence inside the lighthouse.  There were no signs of a struggle or any forensic evidence- no blood, clothing, weapons or anything typically found in cases of foul-play.  Nothing.

Aliens?  Could they have been abducted by a U.F.O., there had been reported sightings in the past, due to the isolated nature of the lighthouse's location.  A possibilty. 

OR could the island's legendary creatures have attacked them?  Could the large birds, fabled to be on the island, been foraging for food and wandered upon the happless lighthouse keeper?  Could they have been foolish and dismissed the lore of the island and not used the proper dialect or strayed from the island's mythical code of conduct and angered the little people?  Could the men have unwittingly stumble upon the little people's secret and need to silenced?  They were suspected of having magical powers...  Perhaps they're distant cousins of the Leprechauns and were protecting some hidden cache or hoard?
No one will ever know.

Do you dare attempt to possess a piece that comes from such a place?  Have the little people come along with it?  This item was taken from the island during an unrelated investigation.  The locals are extremely wary of outsiders and even more apprehensive of taking them out to the lighthouse, but we were allowed access- limited access to the island.  This piece, from what has been discovered so far, enables one to communicate with the fabled creatures of myth.  Though little is known about faeries, elves, pixies, and others- it is said that they are unwilling to reveal themselves to mortals due their mysterious nature, but also because of the language barrier.  Their tongues have been silenced for centuries and their language forgotten in pages of indecipherable books, now you will have the oppoturnity to speak to them like you are one of their own.

This piece holds the ability to conjure any non-human form that exists on earth.  This includes the ranks of the fay folk, entities from the "other world", angels, spirits, aliens, etc.  It is a very energetic and effective summoning piece!