Anti Brain Control Matter

Anti Brain Control Matter

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.
There is new evidence that supports the theory of reading minds is possible and scientists have been doing it for years.  If you thought that Big Brother watching you was bad enough or tracking your every movement with your cell phones and credit cards- now even your thoughts will be under their scrutiny.  You may be able to hide a secret cache of information, money, and even possibly weapons- BUT the minute you even think about how you've gotten one over on the Government, you're busted!  There is no way to hide your thoughts- even fleeting ones at best. 
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Neuroscientists have been conducting studies, some publicly- but most privately, into the potential for mind-reading applications.  When it started, it was a complicated process that required large computers, electrodes, and test subjects in close proximity to the equipment.  It used to involve implanting electrodes into the skulls of the subject, typically brain surgery patients, and recording the brainwaves of people listening to the words and then speaking the exact same words.  The data was then fed into a computer that which used algorithms to correlate the thought data with the spoken data and find the relationships between both.  Most (read All) scientific discoveries are originally designed for the benefit of mankind- this research, for example, was supposed to enable doctors to communicate with people whose speech has been affected by a strokes or some degenerative disease.  As with any technology, the smaller the better- this equipment use to fill an entire room and required lots of manpower to operate, but now they have units that are slightly larger than a cell phone that can focus on a single individual and pick up their thoughts in a crowd of people standing near or around them.  This compact, single-user, device could be used anywhere at anytime without you being the wiser. 
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The item that we are offering enables you to cloud the brainwaves that emit, so that "others" around you won't have the ability to pick them off with the aforementioned devices.  It will not affect your ability to think or the quality of those thoughts- you will be able to continue to daydream, fantasize, and imagine whatever your mind (even if slightly twisted) can create.  It will create a disturbance in their equipment that will create the illusion that you are completely "empty-headed" and not thinking about anything at all.  They may be watching you, but at least they won't be able to "hear" you.  Cling to the freedoms that you have left, for they are few. 

In a George Orwellian society, where Bush enables a Patriot Act and Barack Obama further infringes upon our personal freedoms with plans of chipping human beings (more on that another time) privacy is no longer a liberty that we can enjoy.  It seems like the government is always coming up with new ideas and ways to get inside our heads and to spy on us.  This is why this is the perfect piece to add to your collection-- to regain your privacy!!