The Arctic Eden

The Arctic Eden

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Norway's Arctic Eden

Norway has it's own version of the Garden of Eden nestled in the arctic climate of an Archipelago called Svalbard.  Here, the temperature is cold enough to refrigerate and sustain all forms of life-- imparticular seed samplings from every growable life form on Earth.  Svalbard is halfway between Norway and the North Pole.  The temperatures here are so cold the the ground is permanently frozen.  This gives you an idea of how easily anything can be preserved.  Polar night lasts from October to February, and until recently was only the home of a few scientists and coal miners. 

That was until Spitzbergen, one island of Svalbard, became the resting place of a project overseen by Global Crop Diversity Trust, which is controlled on behalf of over 100 world governments, by the government of Norway. 

On Spitzbergen there are high-security vaults as long as a football fields and who knows how deep.  The story is that the vault has enough capacity to store millions each type of growable seed.  It is called the backup of the whole world being able to rejuvenate all crops, cereals, fruits, and other plants in the face of a world collapse do to economics, weather, nuclear war, etc.

The scary part is that food isn't the only thing that the scientists are mass producing and keeping for a "rainy day."  Rumor has it that the crops are being genetically mutated into "super foods" and foods that can be used to genetically manipulated the DNA coding of humans to make them completely subservient to all government facets.  If that isn't scary enough, consider the following. 

There have also been reports that astro-physicists have generated soul archetypes that are also being stored up in seeds.  They can be grown into full-grown humanoid beings that will act as androids for a one world government.  They are completely mind controlled and infused with the ability to have a government spy who is in a remote control stations to see through the eyes of the humanoid. 

This piece is proof of what is really going on in a land that is so desolate nobody has even bothered to say, "Hey, I wonder what's going on out there?"  It is the perfect remote location for the experiments and even more perfect to preserve things because of the climate. 

The item contains one of the fabricated souls of the Norwegian government in conjunction with a New World Order of scientits and elitists and their realm that they call the New Arctic Eden.  The New Eden is a befitting name.  Consider the fact that they have taken over the role of God by creating souls and plants.  Next they will be creating planets and light-- oh wait a second... Well we'll save that for another time. 

This soul comes in this item, which is its seed.  It will manifest itself to you, remaining in the soul phase, and bonding with your own mortal vessel to give you the abilities that it was originally the victim of.  With this piece you will be able to control minds of others, as if they were your own personal androids.  You can use people for remote viewing purpose by sending this soul into the body of another and seeing through the souls eyes with this item that acts as a remote control base.

You will gain the ability to create other souls, which will also allow you to create other abilities, or keep the ones that you have already gained.  Additionally, this item will give you a genetic shield that will block your mind from any type of genetic takeover or mind control.  In today's society that's a gift in it's own right!!  What are you waiting for?