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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

Secret Alchemy of NASA

Okay, we came across this item in conjunction with the Arctic Eden piece.  If you read that one on the website, then you know will have read the part when I "slipped" about the government and its ability to create alternate planets.  Well here is my whole account with that. 

In addition to underground vaults that are being constructed in Norway, NASA has secretly obtained a secret alien technology that is being used in conjunction with the whole Project Eden thing.  They have been workign with this project since they recovered information regarding secret extraterrestrial information and technology during the Roswell incident of 1947. 

Since this occurence, government officials from NASA have been secretly developing a technology that will allow them to create space mass, gravitation, and life force energy.  They have kept this information completely covert, hiding the technology on the lowest levels of Area 51.  Since then, they have been experimenting with this technology.  Why do you think people are concerned that are poles are shifting?  With the help of HAARP, they have really screwed crap up!!

They have created a planet similar to our in what is known as the fourth dimension, which is the solar system that exists directly parallel to our own, only one step up.  It is a place of higher intelligence and corresponds to Project Eden, because it is place to go to evacuate if something drastic happens.  My guess is they will probably use the seeds to create a race of subservient mind controlled humanoid creatures.   

This is one of the pieces that they fortified with the energies of the technology that they found in Roswell.  It holds the ability to create matter and to dissipate matter.  It also holds technology that has been appropriated to manipulate gravitational fields and magnetic fields.  It also holds the life force that exists in the Milky Way, which the whole reason we are here in the first place.  There had to be life somewhere out there if we have it now. 

During investigations of this piece we discovered that this piece controls all four naturally occurring elements of our Earthen realm.  It also has the ability to capture energy from stars, planets, moons, and the energy of virutally any other celestial body that exists.  It will give you a secret technological magic and life force that is how the visitors of Roswell obtained the technology in the first place, other than the fact that they are smarter than us.  It's the ultimate space power item and it will most likely be the only one we ever get considering how covert the operation was supposed to be.