NeuroElectric Soul Therapy

NeuroElectric Soul Therapy

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NeuroElectric Soul Therapy

If you are like me, you are probably spend most of your time working.  Hey, you gotta pay your bills right?  When you get off work, it's almost like going to a separate full time job.  You have to do the wash, vacuum the carpet, take out the trash, make dinner, feed the kids, make sure the kids have their homework done, make sure the pets are fed, remember to pay the bills, check your email, correspond with your children's teachers, oh... it's late... did the children get their baths yet?  Gotta make sure they get to bed.  Did you do the dinner dishes?  Oh wait, you forgot to run to the grocery store... the kids need lunch for tomorrow.  Eek!!  The cycle seems never-ending.  By the time to get to sleep in must be like 12:00am and you have to be up at 6:00am so you can start work at 7:00am and do it all again. 

However, when you finally do find that little bit of time to relax-- say when all the chores are finished and the children are either at sitters or a friends house-- you might find it a little bit difficult.  That's because the stimuli in your brain are all out-of-whack and you have become so used to being a busy little bee that you don't know how to relax.  Let us take over from here. 

This item is a deep relaxation piece that will allow you to free your aura of blemishes you have picked up along the way, during the week, or even from last month or a previous year.  When you are constantly tired and/or worn down the soul tends to pick some "dirt" along the way.  Just as you would want to make sure your body is physically clean, you don't want to have a dirty aura.  It can lead to spiritual ailments that are very difficult to deal with.  This might lead to a dependency on chemical drugs, or even worse, a mental and psychological degression. 

This item will has been "zapped" full of neuroelectric energy, which is very therapeutic for the brain.  It will balance your body's neurotransmitters, endorphins, and esoteric habitance.  It will treat and prevent such mental conditions as insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and chemical addictions. 

Additionally, this item will allow you to enter a deep phase of relaxation that will put your body in an esoteric state.  This will allow you to pull your soul forward and really reach a state of togetherness with your true, core existence.  You will able to reach into your soul to pull out knowledge that is hidden there, like the deepest parts of a hard drive's computers.  You will be able to awaken magical abilities, relive past lives, and experience your mind's raw thought forms, as they exist before mental distribution. 

This piece is a very effective piece and if you are experiencing any type of stress-- from work, a relationship, financial stress, collegiate stress-- this piece will be a life-chaning, transformational piece for you.

To use the piece, you merely need to meditate with it.  Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander to a "happy, place."  Use deep heavy breathes and let the power in the piece wash over you like spiritual baptism.  Keep in mind, this piece works at different speeds for different people.  It depends on the amount and type of stress you are under.