Ganesh Gnostics
Ganesh Gnostics
Ganesh Gnostics
Ganesh Gnostics

Ganesh Gnostics

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Ganesh Gnostics

Ganesh is the Hindu beginner of things, and remover of obstacles. He is the son of Parvati, who formed him out of mud and then invested him with life, to be her personal guard.

It is like Pinocchio, becoming a "real" boy after being carved out of wood.

Parvati's husband, Shiva, was known as the God of destruction... one day he called upon his wife as she was taking a bath. Ganesh refused to let his 'father' in, as that is what his mother had requested, to be left alone.

Shiva was outraged and a fierce battle erupted! After a long duel, Shiva won by using his trident, a three-pointed spear, to strike off Ganesh's head.

When Parvati saw what Shiva had done to her son, she became enraged and morphed into Kali to overcome Shiva in a mere instant.

Parvati was overcome with remorse and restored Shiva back to life... she then ordered Shiva to bring Ganesh back to life, and to replace his head with the first head he found~!

That first head turned out to be that of an elephant!

This piece depicts Ganesh once he was born again with the head of an elephant. The energies in this item are very strong and captivate the person who wears it with the diligence of knowing that impedance in reactions are harmful.

If you often act before thinking, and get yourself into trouble, then this is a piece for you!! There is often many things that you need to do in order to fix issues that arise due to "foot in mouth" syndrome.

With this piece Ganesh will empower you with the majesties that will implore the empowerments of being molded into existence, and your mind will be embraced with the changing of the imparted follicles that will implant a fuse to enrich you with the ability to quickly analyze your thoughts before saying something you might regret.

More times then not people get involved in dramatic situations that could have easily been avoided, but once a comment is made the guards are up, feelings get hurt and grudges are held. Stop all of these issues that hinder your life with this awesome pendant!

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