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Demeter, goddess of agriculture, bore a son.  She bore him after lying with a hero named Iasion in a thrice ploughed field.  She named her son Ploutus.  Zeus made him blinde, on purpose, becasue he had bigger plans for him than mere sight. 

At first, Ploutus was made the god of the bounty of rich harvests.  Later, he became god of wealth in more general terms, being able to give the gift of the wealth of the gods.  This is why Zeus made him blinde, so he could distribute wealth indiscriminately between the righteous and unrighteous.

Ploutus has obviously done a decent job, considering all the bastards that find wealth these days.  It is important to note that Ploutus had a direct connection to goddess Eirene of peace and goddess Tykhe of Fortune.  He is often depicted with these goddesses as a child with his cornucopia of wealth. 

Using Grizzelle, we have summoned the energy of the god, Ploutus into this piece.  This piece is a wealth item.  It will shed light upon new facets of wealth for you and give you enlightenment of different ways to make money that you may not have realized before.

Additionally, this item serves a totem to the goddesses Eirene and Tykeh who will bring you internal peace and concentration, as well as good fortune, respectively.  This piece holds the solidity of being made by Grizzelle and her pieces are always superb!!

This bracelet comes with dimes and it is your personal wishing.  This piece comes with a couple of dimes that have been conjured from the Ploutus, God of wealth!