Saraswati's Supreme Sanctions

Saraswati's Supreme Sanctions

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The Hindu goddess of the arts, science, scholarship, and wisdom is Saraswati. She is noted to always be carrying a Vina, a rosary, and a book.

These are the facet tools of her depiction of majestic empowerment. She is the flowering one... who will grant you pure essence, supreme knowledge and be your mistress of speech; thus meaning she will help allocate answers to you when there is something thrown at you unexpectedly!

She is the co-creatix of the Universe, along with her husband Brahma.

Her pet swan always accompanies her to fortify beauty, grace, and wisdom.

This piece works for both women and men, and will bring forth the modules of power that will ration the ideals of the world through the vindication of knowledge that she has incurred over the decades of her spirits existence.

The strength of her energies that are implicated within this piece will fathom your body with incredible energies that will evade all negatives from you and bring you her empowerments that will bring you success in all areas of life~