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Ever have one of those dreams and you have absolutely no idea how you managed to fabricate it in your mind?  Yeah, that has been me for the last few months.  I keep having repeated dreams about the same place and I have no idea why.  I've never been to the place in my life.  I have no idea where the place even exists.  All I know is that I am there in my dream and for some reason the dream keeps recurring.  It isn't always the same dream, but it is always the same place.

Okay, so I have my theories.  First let me begin by explaining the place in my dream.  It is an old western town.  The first time I ever had this dream, I was riding a bicycle through the town.  There is an old icre cream shop, a saloon, even a trough outside with horses tied to it.  I walk through the town from one end to the other noticing different things from time to time.  SOmetimes there's a fair going on with a maypole.  Other times all I see are buzzards flying way above, in the sky.  It just depends.  My theory?  This is one of my past lives. 

The funny thing about these dreams is that everyone is always so happy to see me, as if I'm having a homecoming or something.  Then, the other night I had the following dream.  My dream didn't begin as normal.  I was actually at the base of a mountain near a river.  I appeared to be panning for gold, and as I was able to "get a closer look"  I indeed was panning for gold.  Then my dream fast-forwarded to me walking through this town again.  I was carrying a large bag, on the inside of it was gold.  Then my dream focused in on a piece of jewelry I was wearing.  It was the item that you see hear.  Then, the town folks were cheering for me as if I was a local sports legend. 

My consensus?  Well, I was obviously a gold panner at some point in what was probably my most previous past life.  I could feel the whole emotion of the place.  It engulfed my body and it know longer felt like a dream.  Rather, it felt like I was actually there.  I'm pretty certain that I was actually there.  It was like traveling in time-- or perhaps another realm where I hold a dual existence.  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I acquired riches somewhere and someplace in time.  Well, okay... I also know that my wild success in whatever time and place I was in is attributed to the jewelry I was wearing around my neck. 

Okay, the very end of my dream was a bit bizarre.  No longer was I in any of the previous circumstances.  I think this part was just a normal dream and not an attempt at my subconscious reconnecting with my past lives.  Out of nowhere I dreamt that I saw Justin Bieber beating someone up, because they were making fun of Selena Gomez's clothing line at K-Mart.  I have no idea why.  It was rather amusing.  In fact, you can't quote me on this, but I think he might have been fighting a younger Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  I know, it's messed up.  Sometimes we just dream things we can't control. 

Anyway, the important part is that when I woke up, I found the item that was around my neck in my dream, resting on the palm of hand when I awoke.  I thought this was pretty cool.  I knew immediately that it was a wealth piece.  I have tested this piece and have confirmed that it is a wealth item.  It is the same wealth item that helped me get rich in a past life.  I pulled it from my past life with the recurring dream I've been having.  It obviously brings riches, as it has brought me riches in a past life.  I'm talking about pure gold.  This piece is very poweful.