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Oshun's Eye of Wealth

Oshun is the Voodoo Orisha of love, beauty, wealth, and dimplomacy.  In case you don't know what Orisha means, it is a spirit goddess.  She exists in spirit form and only takes on physical manifestations when she needs to share her magic.  She is the unseen mother present at every gathering, presiding over the safety of her devotees.  She is the understanding of the cosmological force of water.  This means she is both omnipresent and omnipotent.  It is written that water is the enemy of noone, so then, Oshun should be respected and revered by all. 

We have inovked this piece with the powers of the Orish, Oshun.  She is bountiful and plentiful and comes forward, full-force, in this piece.  We created this piece during a Voodoo ritual that calls to the gods for divine providence and ancient knowledge.  Oshun came forth, as she is the supreme mother of all and is never afraid to display her love for the human race.  This piece has been charmed with a power that will bring worth all facets of Oshun's powers of being a spiritual goddess.  It brings to you her main for powers in the following capacity: 

Wealth:  Not just monetary wealth, but wealth in all things.  This item will pour out Oshun's very giving spirit.  She will flower you with blessing of monetary wealth, spiritual wealth, and any type of wealth you can think to ask her for. 

Beauty:  We're not just talking phyiscal beauty, but spiritual beauty.  That is spiritual cleanliness.  THis item will give your spirit and aura a "bath."  Sometimes whenlife becomes stressful we tend to pick up bad energies that can suck life from us like leeches or ticks.  This piece will help you get your spirit and aura right, which will give you better results when practising other forms of magic. 

Love:  Oshun will help you seek out and obtain true love.  She will do this by giving you the psychic ability to read people and to know their true intentions.  It's more of a brain scan power.   It will also attract love to you and allow to you appear more desireable, increase your confidence, and allow you to carry yourself better. 

Diplomacy:  I know, at first, this soundas a bit boring... like you've heard anough about Obama lately, right?  Well, what this actually means is that you will gain the ability to enchant people to get them to do what you want.  It's like an allure or and air that you will gain that will want people to please you.  It is the ability of persuasion over the minds of others..  It's almost like putting them into a state of hypnosis. 

We have all tested this piece.  It worked well for us, but we did notice that the strongest element about this piece is its ability to attract and collect wealth!  Enjoy.