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Hello there --- with the response of the few items Shine invoked yesterday, I searched the inventory and found out that we have 9 other rings that Shine projected his power into. I recalled that he gave us pieces a few months back, but they got put in a box and forgot about. After about 20 mins. of looking in the computer system I found that we indeed did have them, but they had not yet been listed.

I spent the first 2 hours today going through boxes looking for them -- and I got them :) They are called: Aquarius Age Star Path by Shine

Someone requested a piece from Shine, and he did 10 rings so we would have an array to offer, but we only sold the 1 to that person and never listed them... but now you have an AMAZING opportunity to these at a ridiculously low price!

These are sterling silver and I have a variety of sizes, but quantity is limited, so if you want a specific size email me RIGHT AWAY to claim yours, as it will be based upon who gets in touch first!

These are done by Shine to prosper you into the New Age of Enlightenment~! The ring will grant you  help from Shine and the tops of the piece can be moved around to change your destiny and illuminate your star dusted pathway.

The invoked implications that Shine implanted will directly progress your inheritance of power in this world.