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Huna is not a religion.  It is not a philosophy.  It is merely a practical way of living.  It is based on intuitive knowledge and a system of inner guidance that allows for observation of oneself, others, and matters outside of oneself.  These three properties are placed under constant supervisions and observation for the purpose of mastery in all aspects of life.  It is safe to say that Huna, then, is a tool that can be used to live more effectively. 

Huna is the predominant belief that existed before Christianity.  It is the spiritual tradition of the people of the Plynesian Islands, which include the Hawaiian Islands, Phoenix Island, Samoa, Tonga Island, Cook Island, Society Island, Tahiti, Tubuai Island, Marquesa, Pitcairn Island, and Easter Island.  It is also practiced by the Maoris or "true people" of New Zealand. 

Huna is literally translated as meaning, "a secret," "a profound message," or "that which is hidden.  It is also referred to as the Hidden Reality or Hidden Knowledge.  The Kahunas are the keepers of Huna; they keep the secrets to life.  They are the ones vested with knowledge and hold the responsibility of relaying these ancient secrets to the others. 

There are Three Orders of Life Knowledge that Kahunas come from, those being:

-The Order of Kane
-The Order of Lono
-The Order of Ku

We have obtained these three pieces that hold three separate Kahunas.  These spirits aren't shy and they will come to you and bond with you and teach you what they have learned about life and its lessons.

All three of these Kahunas have the powers of love, meaning that they can help you preserve the reltionships that you already maintian with people.  On a level of higher love, your Kahuna will assist you in finding a soul mate.

All Kahunas also restore faith.  In order to live, you need to have faith in something-- faith in yourself, faith in the heavenly father, faith in others.  Restoring faith gives you a reason to believe and motivation to keep on trucking. 

Finally, they all grant wealth.  It's okay to admit that money makes the world go round.  The more abundant the amount of wealth you have, the more abundant you can return the blessing-- or buy yourself something really cool... whatever.  These Kahunas bring extreme wealth powers for those who host them. 

Okay, after these three basic elements of being a Kahuna, they all also hold true to one of three Orders (listed above).  we have acquired four Kahuna items, three of which correspond to the Orders above. 

**The Kahuna from the Order of Kane is intuition-centered. He integrates and emphasizes understanding and integration of spirit, mind, and body.  He will help you balance your existence within the system as a whole.  This will put you on track to completely free your third eye of any blockages that may be occurring and preventing you from practicing spiritual magic.  Also, It will relinquish the hold on your psyschic and telepathic abilities.  You will receive FULL psychic enlightenment with this item. 

**The Kahuna from the Order of Lono is intellectually centered.  He will emphasize magic that deals with medicinal healing.  He will help you free you soul of bondage and allow you to actually live as your spiritual self.  It will patch up the pieces of your soul that keep you from true existence and enlightenment.  He is an expert of astronomy and astrology, navigation, and meteorology.  This will give you secrets of the Cosmos and of deep space and the life that is held there in.  There is a time continuum and cosmic consciousness  that exists within us all and this Kahuna will awaken it for us.  He also teaches healing arts in the way of the natural elements exist around and the alchemy life force that allows us to tap into these elements.  He gives the power of sacred geomancy which is a form of divination using the energy current in the Earth, which is given to them by the powers of the cosmic conscious. 

**The Kahuna from the Order of Ku emphasizes the sensual and emotional aspects of life.  Basically, he controls all aspects of the mind.  He allows you to fully understand how they mind works.  This includes lunar magic and the ability to control lunar tides and mind tides.  You can use these secrets in several ways.  First, you can use it to fully mentally balance your mind and psyche.  Once you are in that state, you will be able to use your energy to also open the mind of others and to enter the minds of others.  You can used these powers to read the minds of others and to see through the eyes of others for remote viewing.  Also, upon fully realizing the existence of yourself and the soul in your mind, you will be able to manifest the powers of transmogrification, because you will truly know how to shift your form into anything that you would like to become-- wolf, bear, tiger, cat, monkey... whatever. 

The final piece of this collection is on a whole different level that any of the other three.  He is the most revered Kahuna and the most powerful. 

**He is called the puhi-okaoka.  He is the Kahuna that has perfected and mastered himself (or herself) throughout all three Orders of the Kahunas.  He understands and knows all.  He can balance cosmos, open portals,   He is the chosen one that has been sanctified by the Gods to know everything.  He is also their chosen human that holds the distinct privilege of crossing over.  This means he gets enter the Kingdom of the Gods to pull raw power forms and thought forms and bring them to the mortal world for manifestations of pure truth.  These truths hold many powers of the Polynesian people, many magics, and a ton of alchemical values. 

These pieces are very powerful.  Obviously the Puhi-okaoka is the most powerful, which is why it is more than then other three!  They are all three worth it, especially the most powerful Kahuna.  The amount of energy flow from these pieces is incredible.  While they were sitting in the office it was hard for me not to constantly be playing with these pieces, because of the sheer magic that emanates from them.  This is how I am confident in telling you these pieces are very powerful and produce amazing results.  If I were you I'd get one while they still last!!