Envisioned Fairy

Envisioned Fairy

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Envisioned Fairy

This caring fairy can help improve your mundane life and help unfold your psychic senses. She will energize you with her blessings that will allow you to acquire magical skills, and divine knowledge!

She will work with you as a magical assistant... you will be her practitioner of the magical forces and occult powers.

The Envisioned Fairy will guide you as well in manners of protection, finances, and personal relationships~

She is amazing and will follow you around to help protect you from harm and to fulfill your needs. Her presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see her...regardless, you will be able to converse freely with her to gain knowledge and assistance in all aspects of magic and your life.

 This item is easy to use and will also bring you immediate results of basic occult skills in visualization, concentration, atonement and relaxation~

The Envisioned Fairy acts like a fairy god-mother to you --- she is awesome, her name is Elice (E-lease).

Elise is brought to you in this Sterling silver emblem.