Devil's Pathway:  Original Egyptian Powers

Devil's Pathway: Original Egyptian Powers

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Devil's Pathway Relics:  Original Egyptian Powers

We found these relics on a pathway known as the Devil's Pathway.  It's found on the lighter side of the Paterson City in New Jersey, which is a city known for its tough atmosphere.  It leads to the bottom of a 77 foot waterfall, which is a tiny oasis that one would be surprised to find in such a place.  The name of the water fall is Great Passaic Falls and the Devil's Pathway is the rugged and rough trail from the top of the cliff to the bottom of the falls.  The path is nearly non-navigable, so if I were you I wouldn't go exploring the pathway anytime soon. 

We went to investigate the pathway, because we caught wind of some weird stuff that was found there.  One of the dam workers found four daggers in the shape of a crucifix near the bottom of the water fall, which is weird.  According to the worker, the dam release two hundred cubic feet of water pers second.  In that case, how did that daggers remain so close to eachother?  They couldn't have been thrown, because they would have ended up in different locations. 

Being so close to the waterfall provides a barrier between the location at the bottom of thet trail and the rest of the world.  You can't hear cars, trains, airplanes, or anything else.  It's just strange, almost like time stops.  It would be the perfect place for some type of ritual or ceremony, which is what we believe that daggers were part of.  In fact, we know that this place was the perfect place for a sacrificial ceremony, one that included immortal warlocks from the Egyptian time period.  How they landed themselves in New Jersey is beyond me, but what I do know is that this place-- the Devil's Pathway was a frequent favorite for these warlocks. 

How do I know?  I could pick it up in a psychic sense that was given to me on the trail.  I couldn't actually see what was going on like I sometimes do.  I could feel the emotions of  fear and desolation in the human mind right before death was inevitable.  I could feel the dark, sinister approach of the warlike as they chased humans down the Devil's Pathway-- and if they didn't disable themselves on the treacherous path, they would surely meet their demise at the end of the trail, which basically leads to nothing.  It was like a fun game for the warlocks.  A game of cat and mouse, which made their magic stronger.  It feeds off of human blood and emotion with a sadistic form of alchemy from the Dark Ages.
They are not vampires.  They are not human.  They come from a side of Egypt that isn't really prevalent.  They are called the Malefici.  They are neither dead nor alive.  Their magic is only used to suit themselves, which is what makes their magic evil from time to time.  My pscychic ability became kind of clouded by the four daggers, but from what I can fill in these daggers are the original possessions of the Malifici, used in sacrificial offering of human blood to Egyptian gods in order to strengthen and solidify their magic and alchemy.  Whether or not the warlocks will be returning for their daggers, I don't know.  I don't where they are at-- if the left, if they've been vanquish.  All I know is that it's not our problem.  The daggers belong to the person who found them. 

However, this item belongs to us!!  We found this during our own, separate investigation.  The relic is also an original relic of the Malifici.  We have blasted it with white magic, so that way it doesn't have any evil connotations whatsoever.  What this piece offers is pure magic from the Pyramids.  It is the same magic practiced by the Malifici, only turned into a dual magic instead of dark magic.  Basically, this magic gives you a psychic connection to the pyramids that allow you to enter the realm of a similar crystal pyramid that is hidden in the mountains in China.  It is hidden, it is all white made out of crystal and gemstone, and holds a secret hall of record.  In this hall or records are secrets that have never before been relinquished to the human mind, other than with a piece we sold a while ago during a separate investigation.  This piece holds the alchemy and magic of all the Egyptian time periods, including pre and post pyramid era.