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To everyone reading this listing. We have a bunch of products like this one. This is an item that may have seen on the website before. For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research. All of these items work superbly. Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing. Many of the items will have ahaven update found at the beginning of the listing. Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!

UPDATE:  This isn't really an update, but a clarification.  The Jenglot you are receiving will grant you anything that you want it to grant to you, you simply have to project it in your mind.  You will meditate with this piece and connect with the Jenglot.  It will reveal its name to you if it wants to.  We do not know their names, as that is only given to the person they are bonding with and it changes each time they bond to a new person.  You will be both mesmerized and fascinated with this creature.

"Stop staring at me!" "I can feel their eyes all over me..."

Uttering these words when you enter a room filled with dolls, may not seem as crazy as it sounds. It depends on where you are and what the dolls are... There exists in the Indonesian culture a being known as the jenglot that is shrouded in mystery and is closely related to the vampires of lore. A jenglot is a small creature that resembles a tiny, human doll that have been found in underground caves, the ruins of demolished buildings, and even the trunks of very large ancient trees. They can also be summoned by very powerful psychics or shamans to do their bidding or sometimes they are sold to people willing to pay large sums of money. They are essentially totems that keep the owner safe from danger, grant success in business, and can also be used to attract the love of another.

The people that are fortunate enough to encounter (or purchase) a jenglot are required to keep their creature sustained with blood- typically animal blood. It is said that the being doesn't hunt or seek out victims- in fact it does nothing at all-the blood is placed near the doll and that it will feed in it's own way, some believe that it simply consumes the blood when no one is watching it.

In certain parts of Indonesia, there are exhibitions for the known jenglot specimens that have been found and showcased at these events. The rarest and most expensive of these creatures are in private collections of supernatural researchers and occultists. There is enough of a belief in these creatures that not only do the natives acknowledge their existence- they fear them as well. There is a legend that says the first jenglot was a man who wanted to experience eternal life, performed a ritual and worshipped demons to gain supernatural powers and abilities- however, the demons tricked him and made him immortal, but in the form of a doll that requires blood for continued existence. It is also said that if a person meditates in the very same came where the original ritual was performed- they can become a jenglot themselves.

This piece has been imbued with the spirit of a jenglot that will ensure your safety, make sure that you are successful in any business endeavours, and draw love to you with an irrestistible force. Your jenglot will not require "feeding" in the traditional way with blood, you will keep your jenglot alive by focusing your mental energy into it and creating a mental picture of what you desire for your jenglot to bring to you.