Thai Wealth Pendant

Thai Wealth Pendant

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Lizard of wealth Pendant

This is a very special, very powerful wealth item. It is the Lizard of Wealth and was made in Asia by Thai monks that live in complete isolation and confinement. Here they do nothing but live simple lives by means of the land and pray to the gods.

This is very involved in the way it's made, because it involves the monks searching the grounds that they live on, finding the right type of lizard that they can use to induce wealth and waiting for it to die. Once the lizard has died, the corpse is dried out, ground up, and used in a concoction that sets hard.

The components in the lizard hold long associated characteristics of wealth. Additionally, these monks pray over the items for a period of no less than three and no more than seven days. During this period is when magic is fully manifested and preserved in the item.

This piece will bring you assortment of wealth from different venues. It will help you spread your means to collet allocated wealth. It's perfect for the multi-faceted business owner!