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Ben's Pennies

One of our country's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, has coined the phrase, "a penny saved, is a penny earned." In the 1970s, the saying was celebrated in Philadelphia, PA. People would throw pennies into the grave of Ben Franklin, located at 5th and Arch Streets.

Now, according to local legend, Benny wasn't frugal with his pennies in the afterlife, probably because he had no need for them. So, he'd give them back. One local gave account of standing and waiting for the bus. She could hear pinging sound nearby, as if somebody was throwing pennies at here. Then she saw a penny roll into plain sight. There was nobody there except Ben and his pennies!! However, there were no witnesses, save for the lady who was telling her story.

Interestingly enough, these types of reports (there were only a handful) came from all women. It is said that Benjamin Franklin had an eye for the ladies. Just a theory here, but maybe Benny boy was showing his appreciation for the ladies, he just doesn't understand inflation? Either way, the corner of Arch and 5th Streets have a very strong presence of Benjamin Franklin's ghost.

We went there to hold a ritual seance, during which we were actually able to hold an invokation that summoned the soul of Benjamin Franklin. Sure, when he possessed Deedee's body to speak to us, people gave us strange looks. But who's paying attention?

Either way, the end product was this item. It was pulled through the astral realms specifically for us while we summoning Mr. Franklin. He has the gift to give, so he figured why no give it. This piece summons the financial intelligence of one of the greatest forefathers of America. Benjamin arrived in Philadelphia with enough money to buy two loaves of bread. He became one of the most influential and wealthy members of society through dedication to his neighborhood.

These pieces appeared in Deedee's hand while she was still under Ben's influence. Immediately afterwards, he left her body. We immediately tested them, to find out that they hold wealth powers of Benjamin Franklin, who holds many titles to this day and is the one who invented electricity. It also corresponds to the 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin, which will help you live a more spiritual and virtuous life to elevate your mind.

The interesting part is that the "pieces" are actually pennies that were given to Deedee during her psychic encounter. We have multiples of this item, and they are all pennies that were given to Benjamin Franklin, that have his wealth powers. He gave them back!!