Phoenix Ashes & 13 Illuminated Colonies

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After realizing the powers that were beheld by the homeless black guy, who told us eventually that his name was Atkinson (Attie for short), we planned subsequent visits. Sometimes we'd just visit or take him for lunch and gaze into his visionary eyes. Other times, he'd offer us items. This is one of those items.

This particular item corresponds to the power in the American one dollar bill, as well. In fact we got it not long after the first one. Attie gave us this piece, that he said he receive on a visit back to the monk cave.

This time, when he arrived to the cave, the monk was there as before. The 13 Star people were there as well. Although, that wasn't where his focus was this particular time. Instead, there was a fire burning in the center of the cave. Attie looked into the fire and immediately, this piece became to be birthed from the ash.

The monk instructed Attie to take it with him, but Attie had no clue what the piece could have been used for. He kept it for one of our visits, during which time he gave it to us. We were able to test this piece and determine that the piece holds the powers of the Thirteen Enlightened Colonies. There were 13 for a reason. Each colony was a factor of the whole and held it's own share of the Enlightenment of 13.

Additionally, this piece is a lady head and is the Phoenix that has been birthed by ashes in its never-ending lifecycle. The piece holds a green egg that is the birth of the Phoenix. There are three tear drop gems that signify the past, present and future, and two smaller gems that depict immortality and lifecycle. On the top of her head there is a red tear drop that indiciates the fact that she has undergone total reformation and spiritual transscendence of awakening the vigor of her third eye.

This piece isn't a normal phoenix piece. Yes, it will bring you wealth, but it will do so much more. It will bring you cyclic visions of the past, present, and future. The Phoenix exists in the past, present, and future at all times, because it is the presence of all three facets of time and space. Thus, you will gain its powers accordingly.

This piece open up your third eye to receive spiritual communications from the past, present, and future; the future being Heaven and the Angels that God has made.

It holds the powers of spiritual immortality and youthfulness. Ever heard of the phrase, "old soul". Well your soul is only as old as you want it to be. If you tell your soul its only 60 years old, then it is. This piece helps you gain spiritual youthfullness and immortality of the spiritual lifecycle (aka it keeps you clear from Hell or the Underworld).

This piece is extremely unordinary and definitely a collector's piece. For further information, visit keyword: radioshow.