Mason Death Rites Box

Mason Death Rites Box

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For more information on this piece, visit keyword: hauntedcuriosities. We will be giving a complete detailed encounter with this item tonight at 9:30PM. For now here is a briefing:

This is piece we actually encountered first hand. It comes from an island that I can't really give you the information to. At least not at this time. I can tell you this much though that the island is only accessible by plane or boat. There are no roads there, there are no roads out. Once you are there you are at the mercy of a person crazy enough to come and pick you up.

These are the kinds of trips we take and this is how I found this box. The box is an original and we will never have another one like it... ever. If you miss your opportunity don't even ask. The box is from the early 1800s and is the centerpiece of the Masonic Death Ritual.
During the ritual white and black marbles are placed in the box, which then draws a white or black marble. White you're safe. Black you die! Well, here's the next part of the story.

In 19th Century American, there were members of the Masonic Lodge that began leaking information and secrets. These secrets were considered proprietary and not for public knowledge-- you know secrets like taking over the world, and Masonic magic, and existence of ancient races of aliens, alien technology, spiritual enlightenment-- all the things that the Masonic Lodge thrives on.

These people that ran their mouths were set up on this island, by supposed chance, to take part in a death ritual. Well, the marbles were stacked, and needless to say all the people who thought it would be alright to speak the secrets of the Masons were murdered. The ritual picked up and there were many people murdered on the island that threatened the secrecy of Masonic Society.

Over a year after we obtained this item, we are finally putting it on website! The box is now used as a summoning tool. It contains the souls or over 100 murdered Masons, including 3rd Degree Masons, 33rd Degree Masons, and even Scottish Watchtower 13th Degree Mason. It will bring you all the secrets and magic behind the Masonic Lodge Headquarters, and the source of their magic, which actually stems back to magic from the Temple of King Solomon.

Additionally, if you can't always lug the box with you, you can use this piece as a charging box. This means you can put an item in it, let it set there for 3 days to symbolize the 3rd degree Masonic magic (which is actually the highest degree), and then take it out. It will assume all the powers of the box for 33 days. You can use this to make items for yourself or others.

Again, this item will be discussed in further detail on tonights radio show. Tune it at keyword: