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The foreskin, or prepuce, is the natural covering of the glans, or head of the penis --- and as such was once thought to be the protective element of the phallic system.

In many places the foreskin is regarded as a source of defilement, and it is said that the devil hides under it, perhaps an allusion to the smegma, the evil-smelling secretion that quickly forms under it, or to the fact that tit is the crown of the penis-head, which is the domain of evil powers.

Mostly, the prepuce is symbolic of virility, and its excursion was a sacrificial offering to the deities in many communities. This procedure, known as circumcision, in which the foreskin is cut off, often forms part of the puberty rites of young males. In many western countries till the early decades of the present century, the prepuce used to be removed in the belief that it checked masturbation, and today in America and certain places in Europe, most male children are routinely circumcised at birth in the hospital.

The prepuce is sometimes regarded as a pathological structure, and circumcision is believed to remove the defect and to prevent such diseases as penile carcinoma and also impotence.

Jews, Arabs, and other Semitic peoples always cut off the foreskin of male children, because it is regarded as a sign of uncleanliness. Some men are born without the foreskin, a condition known as aposthia; it has no ill effects. The prophet Muhammad, according to popular tradition, was born circumcised, that is he lacked a foreskin.

In some places the prepuce was thought to be intimately connected with the person to whom it belonged, and it had to be carefully preserved, hidden or destroyed, for fear that someone should obtain it and by magical means disfigure the penis or cause the testicles to swell. In some places the prepuce is placed in a small box and carried around the neck as a charm.

If you, or the man in your life, is circumcised, you know you have a good thing by not having to worry about all the extra care and diseases that could erupt... however one thing you are missing is the extra sensations in the penis itself!

This piece has been erraticized by a sex shrew we work closely with and she implemented a spell using foreskin nerves to extract the tantalizing follicles of pleasure and sensation that will indulge the tingling powers and feelings into your genitals.

Getting more feeling and power in the groin area is something everyone longs for -- and now for men this will be extremely beneficial -- it will blow your mind how much gratifying energy will develop and become aroused in your penis!