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You've no doubt heard of the Norse, the Nordics, or the Norwegians-
people that either have ancestors or currently live in Norway. The
Norse are particularly famous for their Viking roots and their
Mythology. The Norse are also renowned for their ability to survive
on severely limited resources in very harsh climates. Is this due to
the fact that they just happen to be an extremely resilient people who
managed to overcome hardships and adversity better than other races OR
is it because they could be... aliens?

There was an interview with a man who was involved in many secret
government programs and/or experiments (notably, the Montauk Project,
the Philadelphia Experiment, and extra-terrestrial contact- just to
name a few) and he describes a race of "other worldly beings" called
the Nordics. During this interview, he gives a rather detailed
description of the Nordics and the characteristics that tie them to
the people from the country of the same name. He stated that they are
very much humanoid in appearance- and almost identical to humans.
However, there a subtle differences in the physiology and they choose
to live in environments that mirror the conditions of their homeworld.
The planets from which their accustomed to are very dry and have very
low oxygen content in the atmosphere- to compensate for this, they
have an increased lung capacity and a copper based blood that carries
oxygen more efficiently throughout their bodies. Their eyes are
shielded from the elements with an inner eyelid that enables them to
see in ultraviolet ranges. They possess only 28 teeth, minus the pair
of molars that would normally be situated in the back of the mouth.
The have longer heads than human beings and their cranium is slightly
thicker and harder. While the brain structure itself is the same size
of humans, there is an area in the midbrain locale that is
hyper-developed and allows for telepathic and telekinetic functions.

The males of the species are typically over 6'5" (2 meters) tall,
while the woman are usually around 5'5" (1.7 meters). They are
incapable of producing sweat, but their skin allows for moisture to be
leeched from the environment and also to penetrate their pores-
keeping them cool and insulated. They have an accelerated heartrate
of almost 242 bpm (beats per minute) in contrast to the normal healthy
human heart rate of around 80-100 bpm. They do have a decreased blood
pressure when compared to humans, theirs is around 80/40 compared to
the normal human rate of 120/80- and they have very dilated blood
vessels. Their heart is actually located where our livers are, but
they have protective cartilage that extends down far enought to
protect their vitalest of organs. Their blood cells are biconvex as
opposed to a humans concave ones. Their kidneys filter half of their
liquid intake and redistribute the remaining 50% back into their
bodies for insulating purposes. The waste that they produce is very
different to what a normal human creates- they have a thick, oily
urine and their feces is actually in the form of pellets with
absolutely no moisture. They also have the ability to regulate the
amount of adrenaline that call upon it whenever they so desire. They
do not possess a pineal gland- that is used to produce melatonin, a
chemical hormone responsible for sexual development, metabolism, and
season breeding. Due to this, the females have the ability to be
impregnated at any time with an incubation period anywhere from 3 to 5

With all of this said, let's think about the Norse- particularly the
Vikings. They lived in some of the most remote, unforgiving places in
the world- yet there were hordes and hordes of them- because they had
to the ability to reproduce on a whim and only had to carry the child
for 1/3 of a normal gestation period. They were massive and taller
than a lot of their counterparts from other countries. There were
reports of their almost "berserker" like rages on the battlefield-
could this be a result of an expanded lung capacity, an elevated heart
rate, a slower blood pressure, their inability to sweat and become
fatigued because they maintained a constant insulated body
temperature, and let's not forget their ability to release adrenaline
at any time
into their systems? Could their supernatural prowess in battle and
their seemingly endless blood-lust in combat be attributed to the fact
that they weren't originally from this planet? Is it possible that
they may have used their telepathic and telekinetic powers during
battle to give them an advantage? There are quite a few factors that
would lead one to believe that this is the case.

One of Norway's most famous battles- The Battle of Stiklestad, was
fought when King Olaf II and his allies went to war with other nobles
and peasants- the interesting thing about this battle is that while
the King and his men- who possessed an army of only 6,600, were
outnumbered by an opposing army of 14,400, managed to whittle down
their opponents forces to almost 4,000 (that isn't to say that the
King didn't suffer heavy losses as well). Unfortunately, King Olaf II
did not survive this encounter and succumbed to injuries sustained on
the battlefield.
Supposedly, on the very spot where he died a Church was erected in his
honor as well as the surrounding cemetery. The piece that you are
looking at was discovered by one of our overseas investigators who
discovered this item near the Church grounds. According to them, it
was just lying there in plain sight, but if you tried to find it you
wouldn't be able to locate it. After testing and experimenting with
this piece, they discovered that it had absorbed very large amount of
energy from the area, the battle that had been fought there, and from
the Nordic people who fought where the Church was built. In addition,
to filling them with an energy that said made them feel almost
invincible, they said that it unlocked even more psychic ability than
they had originally. They said that although they possessed a gift
initially, this increased their ability to actually focus on specific
events and see into the future- as opposed to only getting their
normal vibrations or tiny glimpses into what lay ahead and even beyond
that. They did admit that they didn't want to give this piece up as
it held much more power than they had initially discovered, and looked
forward to seeing what else this piece was capable of, but determined
that it held too much power for even them to possess. This item will
either unlock your psychic potential or increase the ability
that you currently have exponentially.