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The Fool. The 4 of Wands. Colonel Mustard? Draw Four? 8 of Spades?

Have you ever given a reading to someone, but your deck didn't just
feel right or that it didn't truly belong to you? Have you ever
doubted the results of this reading to this feeling of dissociation?
Are you the type of person that is known most for your ability to
maintain harmony and balance, when everything around you has turned to
chaos? Do people come to you seeking your wisdom when difficult
decisions need to be made due to your innate sense of fairness-
coupled with your ability to remain impartial and impersonal?

Then it looks like the scales tip in favor of you being a Libra, born
under the sign of the Scales. A typical Libran is known for being
very compassionate, kind, and loving. The have a certain grace that
instantly makes everyone around them feel comfortable and at ease. A
Libran is known for being an exceptional listener with great
perception skills. Libras do not like causing harm to other, whether
it be physical or mental, and utilize tact and diplomacy when faced
with sensitive issues. Libras possess a very give-and-take approach
to life- you get what you give, essentially. This method is not only
applied to their personal lives, but their romantic ones as well. A
Libran is known for appreciating beautiful things and seeking out the
beauty in others, art, music, and all other aspects of life. This can
lead some people to consider the Libran to be somewhat egotistical and
conceited- they do love attention and praise, but only if it's genuine
and subtle. A Libran isn't particularly fond of criticism as it can
upset their natural "balance".

Some interesting facts about Librans:
-Between September 24-October 23
-Birthstone: Sapphire (September) and Opal/Tourmaline (October)
-Zodiac Element: Air
-Ruling Planet: Venus
-Career Planet: The Moon
-Money Planet: Saturn
-Health: Neptune
-Lucky day: Friday
-Bird: Dove
-Lucky Color: Pink, Pale Green, Blue, and Jade Green
-Lucky Numbers: 7, 8, 10, and 27
-Tree: Sycamore
-Metal: Copper

Note: The origin of the unit of measurement for pound (lb.) is derived
from Libra.

This piece is designed to harness and focus the power of your Tarot
Deck with your particular Zodiac sign and create a stronger bond with
you and your mystical cards. All you have to do is place your Tarot
cards face down on the surface of the plate when they are not in use
and they will be infused with the energies related to your individual
birthsign granting you greater powers of divination and making your
cards more attuned to you and with you.