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The Fool. The 4 of Wands. Colonel Mustard? Draw Four? 8 of Spades?

Have you ever given a reading to someone, but your deck didn't just
feel right or that it didn't truly belong to you? Have you ever
doubted the results of this reading to this feeling of dissociation?

Are you highly intuitive? Do people stand up and take notice when you
enter a room? Do you stare at people so intently that it gives them
the impression you staring deeply into their soul?

Ouch! Then you have just been stung by the scorpion, or Scorpio-
represented by the (you guessed it) scorpion. A true Scorpio has the
ability to retrieve information from a person without giving up any
about themselves- whether the person realizes it or not. A Scorpio
knows exactly what they want to say and will defend what they say
making them highly effective debaters. Scorpios can be formidable
opponents and are not known for losing very often. A Scorpio is
highly resourceful and uses that ability to get out of difficult
situations. Scorpios are natural born leaders and possess great skill
in the areas of leadership, passion, magnetism, and power in general.
They prize themselves for their tenacity, intuitiveness, independence,
creativeness, and analytical skills. A Scorpio has a high capacity
for friendship and a strong sense of loyalty.

Some interesting facts about Scorpios:
-Between October 24-November 22
-Birthstone: Opal/Aquamarine (October) and Topaz/Citrine (November)
-Zodiac Element: Water
-Ruling Planet(s): Pluto and Mars
-Lucky day: Tuesday
-Lucky Color: Black and Red
-Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9
-Lucky Stones: Topaz and Red Coral
-Lucky Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle, and Rose
-Metal(s): Steel, Plutonium, and Iron

This piece is designed to harness and focus the power of your Tarot
Deck with your particular Zodiac sign and create a stronger bond with
you and your mystical cards. All you have to do is place your Tarot
cards face down on the surface of the plate when they are not in use
and they will be infused with the energies related to your individual
birthsign granting you greater powers of divination and making your
cards more attuned to you and with you.