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Hobbits of Flores Islands

I love little hobbits. I asked Deedee to find me one for my birthday, so it could be my friend. Male, female, whatever. She tried her hardest to find me one. Alas, I had to settle for a miniature replica of Lady Gaga, which I was equally as stoked about!! By the way, Lady Gaga is not part of the illuminati, but we'll save the discussion for another time.

The fact of the matter is, that Deedee came into the office the other day, ranting that she was finally able to fulfill my dream of having my own little hobbit. It came in and item that she had gotten from a customer, who got my item from a shaman from Flores.

Flores, is long believed to be the place of origins for Hobbits, who have since rescinded to middle earth, with the rest of the fae folk, who got sick and tired of human crap. They have preserved their magic in a tunnel on the side of Mount Larantuka, which has been sealed for a very, very long time. However, the Shaman was able to unwittingly summon the presence of two hobbits into two separate pieces. I kept one, and the other one is being listed.

These pieces hold the white magic of the fae folk, who exist in Middle Earth, which is a place that has been wildly fablized, but which certainly exists as a duplicate realm of existence on Earth. It is where the fae folk exist, where they can peacefully practice and perfect their magic.

This piece summons a hobbit for you who will deliver the presence of very potent white magic and energy. It will help you bond with the energy and use the magic to perform white light spells for such things as health, spiritual well-being, wealth, love, and charm.