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Unified Star Correlations

These pieces are very rare and very unique. They come from an investigation that was conducted five years ago. Haunted Curiosities has been working with the pieces ever since then, attempting to perfect the powers that are in the pieces. Finally, the time has come where we feel ready and comfortable to offer these items to our customers.

These pieces have been taken to Arizona and have been infused with the revelations of the Ancient ones of the American Southwest. They were given ancient codes and texts from entities that were simply known as the Star Ancestors. Obviously, these are creatures that came down from the stars to give the ancients a knowledge and secrets of the world that human minds couldn't possibly entertain. In order to do this, though, the Star Ancestors had to give the ancients a way to release the blockages of their mind-- a way to reach full spiritual potential. That is why they gave them instructions for the Star Shrines.

The Star Shrines, temples that were built into the side of caves and mountain, were altars, in which specific instructions on how to open up th energies of the Earth's Chakras were recorded. Arizona serves as the base chakra of world, without which, none of the other chakras could exist. The powers that exist in this energetic epicenter, provide the basics for spiritual development. It is the starting point and beginning of a spiritual journey that is cyclic and esoteric.

These powers gave the ancients the ability understand the construction of the world and to build structures that would become part of the unifeid star correlation-- the pyramids, the Sphinx, Stonehenge, the Vatican, the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism, the Ayers Rocks, and many other megalithic and ancient hot-spots. They are all part of the Star Ancestors ancient plot to enlighten the human race via the Celestial Plan; however, the red rocks of Arizona is the base command for these powers. All powers and energies trace back to the ancient energies that have been stored in Arizona, which was once actually the South Pole of Earth.

These pieces have been kept for several days in one of the Hopi Star Shrines. These Star Shrines correlate directly to key constellations in charge of energy letting and spiritual enlightenment and relinquishment. These piece will give you spiritual release and keep you from being held prisoner in your own body. It will give you ancient Hopi magic and balance, which is how they thrived as a people for so long and why they still do.

It will give you the secrets that will prepare you for entrance into another realm, when the Earth bears an a mysterious egg, which will become the Fifth World. In the Fifth World, you will undergo what is known as the "purification time" where your soul will be completely transformed into your perfect esoteric form. It will bring you all the understanding and enlightenment of all white magics there are to understand.

These pieces were actually infused in a chamber in under-ground modern-day Phoenix. Nobody is really privvy to this structure, because it has been kept secret for so long. The chamber is the remains of the ancient pyramids that used to exist at the site of modern-day Phoenix, in direct correlation to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Hence, the magic and energies you are receiving are very similar, if not the exact same, to the ones that can be found in similar secret chambers in Egypt. The secrest all came from the Star Ancestors, they just go by different names.

This piece is a burst of enlightenment, knowledge, magic, and energetic charges. You do not want to pass on this opportunity to own your own chunk of the Star Shrines, your ticket to ancient knowledge and divine transformation.