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"Kissed by a Rose on the Sun"

Were your eyes drawn upwards to the Heavens yesterday? Did something
compel you to look skyward more so than you normally would do? This
is because the sun was "kissed" by Venus, are rare occurence- and even
more rare to be viewed with the naked eye. When a planet appears in
front of the sun, and is smaller than the object in the background-
the event is called a transit (the opposite of this effect is called
occultation). These transits typically occur in pairs and in this
instance, they are eight years apart. Eight is an extremely
significant number for this event, as it takes Venus eight years to
complete a pattern of five appearances as the morning star and 5 as
the evening star- creating an 8:5 ration. It takes 584 days for each
rising as the morning star and it takes eight years to complete these
cycles. During these events between Venus and the Earth it creates
one point of a five pointed star- or a pentagram. It takes a full
eight years for all five points of the pentagram to be completed- this
star is called the "Venus Rose" (or Venus Star). It takes 1,215 years
for the Venus Rose to pass through the entire zodiac- it will pass
across the face of the sun twenty times- or the ten times, eight years
apart. Venus is also the only planet rotate clockwise on her axis, as
opposed to the counter-clockwise rotation of the other planets.

Venus is the third brightest object in the sky preceded by the Sun and
Moon, respectively. It's dense atmosphere comprised of sulfuric
clouds create a highly reflective surface enabling Venus to be seen
from Earth. It was believed at one time, that Venus may have once
been an inhabitable planet, but it's close proximity to the Sun may
have caused the oceans to dry up and prevent it's occupation. Venus
has been recorded throughout history, in Ancient Babylon there are
images carved on temples and tablets of the Sun, Moon, and Venus. It
is believed that the eight pointed "Babylonian Star of Ishtar"
evidenced the fact that the Ancient Babylonians knew about Venus'
eight year cycle. There is also evidence that the Ancient Mayans were
aware of Venus and her importance, they even recognized her at the
heart of their calendars and the core of their cosmology.

Venus has been personified and romanticized into a Deity, also
commonly known as Astarte, Aphrodite, and Innana, who has become
synonymous with Love and beauty. Her name was derived from "Venustus"
which stands for "graceful". This is why any and all things
associated with Venus are concerned with Love, Attraction, Desire, and
Beauty. This explains why Venus' position in a horoscope is so
important- she reveals the desirable qualities we possess, how
attractive we are, and the strength of our animal magnetism that draws
other to us. Venus is also responsible for granting sensitivity and
for influencing our morals and values- what do we want, why is it
important to us, and how do we achieve it? It is also interesting to
note that Venus is the only Goddess amongst all of the other planets.
This is why it is so significant and amazing that she "graces" the Sun
(and us) with her presence AND that she is bestowing a "kiss' on the
center of our known solar system.

This exciting item was charged from the time that this transit began
until it's conclusion, utilizing a special apparatus that focused the
energies from the Sun and Venus during this
climactic event. This piece is charged with the limitless power from
the Sun and all of the attributes that are typically associated with
Venus. This item has an infinite capacity to not
only draw people to you as if you were the center of their universe-
it only attracts quality people to you. If you're looking for a love
or a mate- this attract only people with potential
to be exactly what your seeking in a partner. Trying to find better
job? This piece will ensure that you will only be approached by
prospective employers that are offering you the job that you were destined to get. This is definitely quality over quantity.