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Apokalypsis: Four Horsemen Revealed

This one doesn't come from the Catholic Church, but it does hold the original powers of Shine. For those of you who are not familiar, Shine is an ancient vampire... one of the strongest we've ever come upon. He holds many abilites and has the magic know-how to up cover secrets that have been held since time, as we know it, began. This is one of those instances.

Shine was able to crack an ancient encryption that exists in the Book of Revelation, as written by the Apostle John, one of the greatest visionaries of the Lord. The code opened a portal into which Shine stepped into the realm of the Four Horsemen. His account of the realm was that is was thunderous and glorious. Full of splendor and rich amenities. With the powers of all Four Horsemen, there is nothing the couldn't accomplish, so the realm had an air of God's inevitable victory and triumph.

He saw the Four horses-- white, red, black, and pale-- upon which were mounted four horsemen, waiting to fulfill their Apocalyptic destiny. Upon the riders heads were four Crowns of God, from which flowed white light and energy, giving them the power and life that they needed to change the fate of the world.

Shine stayed there for a while, exploring the realm freely without as much as a nod from the horsemen, who weren't the size of humans or Nephilim, but a size that can merely be described as larger than life.

A part of the realm consisted of an altar that burned with the Eternal Flame of God... a fire so Holy that it burned a light purple instead of orange or blue. Above it were written the names of the Horsemen: Pestilinece, War, Famine, and Death.

Shine was able to use a piece he had brought with him and the altar of the Eternal Flame to channel the energies from the realm into this piece. Again I'm going to tell you that we offering these items for a reason. The time is coming when you will need the power that has been placed into this piece. Shine wanted to make sure this piece got into the hands of the right type of people, and not somebody who is merely going to abuse its privileges.

This contains four powers, each associated with the horse and its rider.

Upon the White Horse with Golden rays for eyes, sits the rider, Pestilence. He is the one that will plague the world with an unrighteous disease-- ignorance of the Lord, Jesus Christ. His powers will give you an enlightenment of the mind that will allow you to receievd all of the secrets and prophecy that have been recorded in the Bible and other teachings of the Saints. Jesus often said that people didn't get what he was saying. That was because of their pestilent minds. Don't be caught without righteous white light knowledge and wisdom. His power also allows for holy prophecy and revelation.

Upon the fiery Red horse with glowing Red Eyes sits War. It is his job to distribute war amongst the nations, and civil wars during the end times. Remember? There will be wars and rumor of wars. Well he rule over wars with a fiery rage given to him by God. His power will assure that you will receive spiritual protection. He will guard you will his spiritual rage that will keep you save from all dark and evil plots, spells, curses, entities, etc.

Upon the black horse with eye like burning coals, sits the rider, famine. A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three courts of barely for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and wine. In plain talk, this means, the rich control the wealth and poor commoners will suffer through the lack thereof. This rider will give you wealth powers that will assure you wealth even in the times to come. "Famine" might strike the world, but you will always be prepared because the rider will retrieve riches for you that will come to you now, but in even more abundance when the times right.

Finally, there Death who rides upon a Pale Horse with translucent eyes, whose colore reflects the sickly pallor of a corpse. Hades followed soon after him, and together they will claim the lives and souls of 1/4 of all that reside on Earth. However, the converse poweers of death represent eternal life and sanctification. It will give you divine rebirth, gaining favor with God, giving you all of his spiritual white light, and assuring that you will never suffer from spiritual death.

These powers, combined, will give you the prophesy of the end times. They are the first four of the seven seals and will give you knowledge and power accordingly. We rarely come across an item as powerful as this one, but then again Shine made it, so it's to be expected. Remember, you will want to have this piece for the coming times. That's all I will say right now. THIS PIECE WILL HOLD THE BLOOD OF THE PURE SUPERNATURAL.