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A calling from a spirit guided Deedee and Steve on a journey to a remarkable place of ancient relic and power.

The invitation to impede the grounds kept coming from a man who visits Deedee often with knowledge of beyond. He has been virtuous with his prevails of acknowledgement and kept showcasing a map in her mind.

She tried to ignore it, and often could because she is so busy, but the other day she could not get the vision out of her head.

Steve and her got in the car and were off. Steve drove while Deedee gave the directions from the guidance she was shown in her vision.

They ended up at an an old emporium of natural beauty and power, amidst a variety of relic buildings and spaces. It is the equivalent of a Pennsylvania Stonehenge. The rocks mark a sacred spot on Earth, where spirits can enter and where magic prevails. There was an abundance of energy, especially in the spirit circle, relic chapel, and bell tower. The integrity of the place has been maintained from those who know about the location... it holds amazing energies of spirits and is a sacred space on this Earth.

Once there the implosion of calling came forth to Steve as well and he was entranced by spirits coming through a stone portal. Deedee videotaped some of their experiences. You can find these uploaded on Mobli, just look under Hauntedcuriosities.

If you do not have the Mobli application for your smart phone, then keep an eye out for them to be uploaded on Youtube soon~!!

While there they discovered a variety of items that were implanted by visitors and then fused with power from the sources.

You can look up the videos for more specifics, but I am going to showcase the pieces for you. They are available now and each holds amazing power. Not all of them are from visitors, as Deedee and Steve did summon the spirits of the ancients into some of these pieces. Others were indeed left by spirit visitors. The pieces that we have were made with energies from the Bell Tower and the Historic Chapel that holds a portal to the dimension of the other side.

This is one of the original relics from Deedee's and Steve's investigation:

Wisdom Bracelet -- This piece holds the reverence of all who have visited the grounds. It was the longest latent item that was left centuries ago. Many prayers, vows, tears and emotions have flourished in the presence of this piece.

This holds the collective wisdom which will bring you knowledge, and insight, that was gained through group and community interaction. At a deeper level, however, it binds a living connection to all humanity and will help you immobilize your spirit with others --- this grants interdependence that you can share in your neighborhood, organizations, and world community.

Ultimately, a deep conviction that we all have at stake in each other and that what binds us together can be greater than what drives us apart. This ancient strife of power illustrates, through the energies it holds, how collective wisdom has emerged in a range of cultures, settings, and traditions... and will open your mind to understand all those around you and see things from different vantage points.

This is a piece that belonged at one time to the wife of the lead Templar -- she had to embrace the concoctions of notary that every mind is different, yet one in the same. This is what started the module of power in this piece ... and what now can change your life through this conviction and embrace of energy and power that will bring forth a new way of seeing others, mankind, and the world.

No more walls will barricade the truths and hide the pivotal knowledge that masters only get to see --- this is a piece that will bring you the aberrations of "sight" into all realms and be able to understand the powers and standardizations that are kept secret from the rest of humans