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Just outside Emmett, Idaho, is a swimming hole called Sawyer's Pond. One night in 2012, a young couple drove to the pond, but upon arriving, felt something was not right. Walking to the water's edge, they were suddenly enveloped in a strange fog so dense they couldn't see anything. Then the boyfriend felt something squeeze his shoulder and the couple blindly ran back to their car. The man claims to have seen a human-shaped figure moving in the mist. Since then, several people have reportedly drowned at the pond.

This protection piece was made specifically for the man who took care of the grounds where the pond was located. The man kept the piece in the toolhouse, so any other employee who would be walking the grounds after dusk would have protection.

The man who worked maintenance on the grounds retired last year and the new grounds keeper thought this was "hocus pocus" stuff and got rid of the piece. It was thrown into a pile of stuff that was sold off at a local auction.

Adita was at the auction and recogized the piece, as she knew the previous grounds keeper. She bought it, contacted Dale, the maintenance man who retired and told him what she got. He was in disbelief, thinking it could not be the same item, but sure enough he found out that the new worker did toss away the protection piece.

Adita sent it to Deedee and we had it thouroughly tested --- it is a prime protection piece that will interject with your personal energies to ensure that you will be protected from negative spirits, entities that are out to harm and living projections of danger!

This is a great piece for anyone who is put into dangerous situations, or who has feelings of negativitiy and danger around them!

This will work for the person who is wearing the piece~