"Missing" Humans

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"Missing" Humans

An unusually large number of people have been reported missing from the tiny town of Elizaville, Indiana, over the past 100 years.

There is no scientific explanation for the disappearances, but current residents swear that a seven-foot tall "man beast" has been spotted at night wandering the town's fields and haunting its cemetery. Locals say that if a person screams anywhere in the small town between the hours of 1 and 3a.m., the monster will track them down, kill them, and then eat them, bones and all.

** Here is what is really occurring. The people of this area are brought up with knowledge of the occult and paranormal and many have decided to progress their lives to transform and become a vampire. This is the prime location in which Anthony and Tomer had been working prior to connecting with Deedee. Now we work to keep transformation services near the water, preferably near the beach... as the ocean waves project comfort to the human being changed.

Those who have "disappeared" have gone on to live in the realm of their kind -- so they have not been eaten bones and all, they have progressed and changed to what they wanted to become!


You too can now gain this power.