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In 2009, a Lawson, Missouri, housewife answered a knock at her front door to find a young girl she did not recognize. The child, about seven years old and wearing a white dress, had dirty hair and bad breath.

She said she needed help and pleaded to come inside, but the woman noticed the girl's eyes were coal black. The woman immediately closed the door and locked it; she was so traumatized that she needed medical attention and refused to leave her house for days.

Dozens of reports of black-eyed children appearing at people's doors have surfaced from around the world in recent years.

These "children" have been discovered to be aliens sent down to bring back retrievals of information to their leader. This ring fell off of the girl and was retrieved after the woman finally got back to her home after getting psychiatric care. She felt an energy from it that reminded her of the event and almost relapsed -- she contacted Deedee personally and we got this piece.

It has been thouroughly tested and will regiment you with the appeal, and power, of the kinetic extraterrestrial energies and power! You will be guided through radiant sources of parallel tenures to the locations of prime power beyond our realm. It has been invoked with an invisibility spell that will trigger you to remain secretive as you explore and witness the projections of primary power that live above us!