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Salem Bay is located on the northern coast of Oregon. Legend says that when a 16th century gold-laden galleon was shipwrecked there, its crew buried their African slaves alive with the treasure, hoping to keep the local tribes away~!

These days, unusual piles of rocks mysteriously appear overnight near the rumored burial ground. Sometimes they consist of single piles, other times, of elaborate stacks. No one has ever determined who is responsible for these strange displays.

During an investigation Emir visited this site, and in a pile of this rubbish, this piece was found. Testing has showcased many secrets being revealed from astral dreams that impose upon the wearer of this piece.

One tester had a "dream", that was more like a vision, to go to an estate sale. He saw a white statue that he was noted to bid on. Long and behold he went to the sale and saw the statue. He really did not want it... but went ahead and bid on it to implore the circle completion of his dream.

He got it, and for a mere few dollars. When he got home, his wife asked why he bought it, as it was not very attractive... he said he really didn't know -- he was testing this piece for Deedee and had a vision and followed it.

That night they were sitting in the living room and heard a big crash, here their cat hit the statue off the table where it got left and inside was money -- lots of money -- there was $7,500.00 inside the statue.

So it was the hidden money spot for the former owner --- and this evaded treasure finder led our tester to this!!