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You fart a balloons worth of gas a day --- we ALL do. Some do a lot more than this -- and most times we are so busy running around that we do not even notice, but we all know those times when you cannot hold it in any longer and you quick dart to the next aisle in the store to avoid being near someone -- only for  a few seconds later for them to turn and walk right into the war zone!

This is completely embarrassing and occassionally happens at the most embarrassing times! Like being a server and passing gas as you take a tables order, or making a speech to the committee at work trying to get serious things across and WAM a loud one squeezes through!

You just want to crawl under the table, or better yet hope to awaken as this has to be a nightmare -- well this issue has caused a few awkward and uncomfortable situations for us throughout the years, so we decided to see if there was any majestic appeal that could help us with this issue?

It took over 5 months to create, but Merlin was able to correlate this piece that will flow control into your body that will allow you to pass your gas inconspicuously, without anyone ever knowing it was you.

Now no worries of an unsettling stomach from your last minute lunch before heading back to the office, or more importantly a nervous stomach that erupts gas on a first date!!

This was made in a chain link bracelet and adorned with a charm, the energies were evaded into the links, so if you are a guy you can remove the heart link if you would like!