Documented Destiny
Documented Destiny

Documented Destiny

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In 1838, future horror-god Edgar Allan Poe released a book called The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, his only full novel. The book was such a bomb that Poe eventually agreed with his critics that it was "a very silly book" (yet still good enough to inspire heavyweights like Jules Verne and Herman Melville to write Moby Dick and An Antarctic Mystery--yes, Poe was a badass).

Now it gets strange ~ Poe did a Blair Witch thing with his novel, which claimed to be based on true events. This turned out to be a half-truth: The real life events simply had not happened yet.

One scene in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket visits a whaling ship lost at sea, taking with it all but four crewmen. Out of food, the men drew lots to see who would be eaten, the unfortunate decision landing on a young cabin boy named Richard Parker.

Forty-six years later, there was an actual disaster at sea involving the Mignonette. It became famous due to the legal consequences of some gruesome events on board, specifically the way the men drew lots and decided to eat their cabin boy...who was named Richard Parker~!!

The bizarre story was discovered decades later by Nigel Parker, a distant cousin of the Richard Parker who got eaten. You can only imagine what the hell went through his mind when he stumbled upon the connection!?

And that would go down as the freakiest unintentional prediction of future events in a work of fiction, if it were not completely blown away by... this was later investigated with fundamentalists who were intrigued by the events that unraveled and the aspects of Edgar Allan Poe's life were monitored to implore a radiant prospect that showcased that he had immense extra sensory prospects into the future, he was just not aware of his own powers.

The mindset and wrath of the powers from his mind were coveted due to his writings and parts of his brain were extracted at his death and used in spells. We got this piece which holds the aspects of his mind which will generate his structural mind abilities to allow you to have faceted powers of being able to know what will occur in the future!


You will gain extreme powers of being able to connect with visionary aspects of the future that will allow you to excel as a medium and sense tragic qualms before they happen --- this can contribute to you becoming a hero, or enhance a whole new career for you. So many possibilities with this adherance of power.