Hawaiian Night Marchers
Hawaiian Night Marchers

Hawaiian Night Marchers

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Hawaii is full of strange things, none more so than the Hawaiian Night Marchers. Numbering in the hundreds, these shadowy figures appear on deserted beaches long after dark, carrying blazing torches.

They walk in formation, continuously moving forward all night long — hence their name. Hawaiian legend says the Night Marchers appear when a deceased family member wants to warn his living relative to leave the ghosts in peace.

A Haunting alert which lets you know that you need to let things rest and not unsettle the facets of their life. The issues and propsects of the dead being risen with stress often happens when living relatives fight over the contents, money and personal property of the one who has passed away.

Do not let the strain of a loved one who has passed away alter your life and relationships! This is a ring that was custom designed for Deedee, hence the "D" from one of the Night Marchers, as she is visited by many spirits and she would hear drama daily about their loved ones fighting over things, but she would not get enought info. to contact the loved ones... but with this ring she was able to get deeper contact with the spirits and even gain contact with personal family members that had passed.

Deedee used this ring to help many, but has just got entirely too busy to help the way they want  --- so now it is your turn... advances for close family and friends who have passed will prosper quicker as they have a link to you!

Connect and help yourself, and others, with the understanding of what is really important, and realize that the personal items are not worth losing relationships over!!

Unique and strong spirited ring ~!