Suicide Standoff
Suicide Standoff

Suicide Standoff

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 Suicide Standoff
David Phyall, a 50-year-old British man, really, really didn't want to leave his apartment block, which was set to be demolished. Alternative accommodations were offered to him 11 times, but David just wasn't taking.

One by one, all his neighbors moved out, leaving him the sole holdout rattling around in a condemned apartment building all on his own.

Something had to give, and it turned out that something was going to be David's vertebrae. See, he had a plan that was definitely going to cost him his safety deposit, and make a hell of a chore for the cleaning staff. David tied a chainsaw to the leg of a table, laid down with his neck against it, set the saw on a 15-minute timer, then took a stiff drink.

David's plan, and head, went off without a hitch.

We are always told to stick up for what we believe in, but harming yourself, or another, to propose a stand off proves nothing!

Often times there is conflict between people, because we are all different and have individual minds -- thus being why things are never black an white, there is always grey. If you are stubborn and bullheaded you may think you are ALWAYS right... this piece is direct from the Sphinx and will fulfil you with energies that will integrate into your mind to surge your brain waves so you will be able to see things through in different ways.

This works to surge the 5 follicles of your inner third eye, so the variables and structures of life can be fortified without blockage; so you never will look like a fool, or jackass, for not doing things that will progress and advance things in your life~!

An immediate connection piece, this will implement a lot of change into your life and allow you to remit grudges and anger that have been affecting you both internally and externally by affecting your encounters and relationships with others.


** Sterling silver ring