Powers from Deedee's Shrunken Head

Powers from Deedee's Shrunken Head

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Powers from Deedee's Shrunken Head
Head shrinking has been the subject of legend, jokes and old Looney Tunes sight gags for ages, but the practice couldn't actually be real, could it? It's just one more bit of bullshit white people made up about folks a shade darker than them, right? Well...

Head shrinking was in fact a real thing, practiced mainly by tribes located around the Amazon River basin. For those looking to throw the perfect head shrinking party, here's the recipe:

Make a cut on the back of the head, then painstakingly peel all the skin and flesh from the skull. Sew the eyes and mouth shut, then boil the flesh up good, dry it with hot rocks, then mold it back into a head-like shape~!

Now you have a handy miniature version of the guy you nailed with that arrow last week! While head shrinking was real, it was quite rare even amongst the tribes that practiced it, that is until collecting shrunken heads became the Pogs of the late 19th century. The shrunken head trade actually became big business, with numerous South American and Polynesian tribes (most of whom never shrunk heads in the first place) going to war with one another just to collect heads.

In a tactic that was amazingly dickish even by white people's extraordinarily low standards when it came to dealing with natives, traders would give the tribes guns in exchange for the shrunken heads, ensuring a steady supply of new product.

These legitmate shrunken heads hold extreme energies and power! They vast in the process of shrinking with essential energies from the Sun and the Earth.

A real shrunken head is a very rare thing to find, but Deedee has one in her private collection~!

This item has been cast with the prominent powers that reside in Deedee's piece. It was kept in a glass charging vessel, placed under the head to encrypt the invoked powers.

The piece will derive full fledged control to you over others around you! The energies that subsided within the head as it was shrunk, will impart into your mind through your brainwaves and grant you the abilities of the person whose soul once controlled this body.

Deedee's head is from a former slave that was skilled in Occult magic, and used the spells and powers to escape his devistating life. He went on to control SO many leaders and change the appeal of the world. He was shot while out getting supplies to take over control of the "king" of his village. He also was able to morph and change his appearance to not showcase his skin color... so you will be granted many opportunities to control, trick, and gain energies from, others



** There are several that have been invoked with this process -- so Lindy will select one from the container of empowered items. If you prefer a ring, pendant, pin, or bracelet, let her know in the order instructions