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 Farming Bodies Anyone?
There are tales of isolated patches of land, covered with unburied corpses. Some of them posed, or even stuffed in car trunks, all rotting in the midday sun. Is there a serial killer on the loose? Has the gravediggers' union gone on strike again?

It's real, and it's completely legal.

You won't see much mention of this on CSI since it would take away from the usual 30-minutes devoted to David Caruso messing with his sunglasses, but body farms are becoming an increasingly important tool for forensic scientist~!

These patches of land have bodies scattered over them by scientists so they can study how bodies decay under a variety of conditions.

Think checking out the local body farm sounds like a fun weekend excursion? Well if you live around Knoxville, Tennessee; San Marcos, Texas; or Cullowhee, North Carolina, you're in luck, because that's where the country's three body farms are located.

The one found in Knoxville is the oldest and most elaborate, covering two and a half acres and containing 40 to 50 bodies at any one time. If there's not one near you yet, just wait, as scientists are looking to start new body farms faster than Wal-Mart opens new stores, with some hoping for a future with a body farm in every state.

This piece is channeled as a portal that will allow you to astrally go to these farms! You will have a better experience on the astral plane, as you will be able to extract and pull all granted strengths an enrichments of power from these decaying bodies --- where if you go in person you will most likely be shot at.

Emir and Adita both tested this piece and extracted amazing powers from the bodies, as by not being cremated, or buried, the energies from the aura stay forth and do not move along with the spirit~

You will be able to gain a variety of powers that will advance your skill set with energies that most will never otherwise encompass. Most of these bodies belonged to majestic leaders, as they know this is a way to pass on their power to another living human once they have passed.


 ** Awesome sterling ring with celestial empowered stone