Radiating Cleanse
Radiating Cleanse

Radiating Cleanse

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To everyone reading this listing.  We have a bunch of products like this one.  This is an item that may have seen on the website before.  For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research.  All of these items work superbly.  Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing.  Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing.  Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!


update-- we've done more research on this piece and concluded that it also gives a full psychic awakening inclusive of any and all psychic abilities that you can think of.  This is thanks to astral-cosmic energy that we discovered when retesting this piece.

This is a full cleansing amulet that will radiate the follicles of power in your body through connecting this piece with your brain waves --this will break down any potential blockages caused by negative energies and strong forces of emissivity. 

Designed to implement your body with one week, you will relinquish all viable components that have brought forth the negative energies that have entered you ... and they will be extracted from within~!

 Great piece, especially this time of the year -- as this is when the levels of energetic spirits is heightened!