Changing Your Spirit Through Energy
Changing Your Spirit Through Energy
Changing Your Spirit Through Energy

Changing Your Spirit Through Energy

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Changing your Spirit Through Energy

Tom Paine was recognized by Ben Franklin, in London, as a man of spirit and energy and so Franklin recommended that Paine head for America.... he even wrote Paine some letters of introduction. It was Paine's good luck to arrive in America just when the colonies' simmering squabbles with the mother country were coming to the boil. As someone who already had a grudge against His Majesty's government, Paine wasted no time in joining the fray.

In late 1774, he found a job with the Pennsylvania Magazine and set about writing article after article denouncing what he saw as the inequality, injustice, and corruption around him. Aged 37, Thomas Paine had a new lease on life~!

Up to that time, the main gripe between the British government and the American colonists was about why America's settlers should pay taxes to the British government when they were not allowed any representation in the British parliament.... basically justifying the fact of "no taxation without representation."

But as far as Paine was concerned, Americans shouldn't be negotiating for representation in the British Parliament -- they should be demanding independence from Britain itself. Thomas Paine's pioneering role in passionately, and powerfully, arguing for America's independence should never be underestimate. On January 10, 1776, Paine published Common Sense, a 50-page pamphlet that laid out the case for American independence in no uncertain terms. It was an immediate sensation, with 500,000 copies sold. Common Sense heavily influenced Thomas Jefferson's writing of the Declaration of Independence, published on July 4,1776, just six months later.

After having written the script for the American Revolution, Paine found that his services were no longer required. He was given a number of minor political posts by the Continental Congress during the war, but just to keep him out of the way.

Wealthy, politically ambitious Brahamins like John Adams an John Jay were not prepared to give a "loose cannon" like Paine any responsibility. Instead, Paine was encouraged to continue his verbal assaults on the hated British. Between 1776 and 1783, Paine reeled off 16 pamphlets designed to boost the war effort. There were called the Crisis Papers.

The first of these, which begins with the famous stance "These are the time that try men's souls," so inspired George Washington that he ordered it read aloud to the troops during their darkest days at Valley Forge.

At the end of the war, Paine found himself famous, but poor. Although his pamphlets had sold hundreds of thousands of copies, Paine accepted no royalties from them, insisting instead that the price of each pamphlet be kept low enough for ordinary folk to afford.

To alleviate Paine's poverty, his supporters in Congress put forward a bill offering financial assistance to the hero of the revolution. But the Brahmins blocked the bill. IN the end, the State of Pennsylvania came to Paine's rescue by offering him a sum, which in today's currency would translate to about $64,000.00. New York State also pitched in, donating a farm for him in New Rochelle, now a suburb of New York City.

So, you say, "what's the point of all of this?" Well the point is that holding and utilizing your energies an keeping your spirit good will always embrace rewards! Many people tend to feel that they give and give and never get anything in return~ I am guilty of this -- I feel like I help a lot of people, but then my ship never comes in ... but we are not supposed to give to receive! So to help me with these issues of anger and resentment that occasionally would enrage me, I asserted the help of Shine!

Shine granted me this piece, which I used with much success, and now am offering to you!

An example of one of my personal situations is this.... I am in the process of trying to purchase a home, and everything was in order on my side for the sale to go through -- however it was a 'short sale' meaning the sellers bank had to approve everything... and lets just say they were in no big hurry! It took over 9 months to even get a response, meanwhile my other home had sold and things became chaotic. In the span of my situation, my aunt and, a friend, both noted to me that they were looking at purchasing a home... and so I helped them get pre-approved and gave them contacts to get the mortgage --- and now both are about to close on their new homes. I am happy for them, I am, but I also have felt self pity, anger and annoyance that I gave my time to helping them and all is well, and then for myself I still sit in a shitty situation!

Well Shine created this item for me -- it generated a purifying recalculation in my mind that allowed for me to implement the aggressive sorrow and self pity that many of us feel unintentionally. I never realized how bad I felt for myself until this piece lifted my soul above the lolling stance it was stuck within inside of me.

This piece is empowered to raise your soul up and allow your internal infragments to be shattered, as these are holding you back~!

The factors of greed, anger, angst and jealousy will be disengaged to allow you to focus on the things at hand that you wish to implore.