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Tessa is a dynamic personality, advanced ritual worker, psychic medium, and student of the Craft. She has worked tirelessly since discovering the abilities that were granted to her.

Tessa has felt, and understood her life's purpose as long as she can remember, and has become a dynamic, powerful Wiccan Practitioner.

She is an exceptionally talented energy worker within the fields and realms of our Universe~!

Here are a variety of items that she has progressed to us -- available now!



It brings Tessa much joy to share with you this powerful unison of brute energy. She has been holding these rituals for many years and holds deep secrets that she shares with no man or woman. Find your spirit and become one with it~

Spirit keeping has been known to man from the beginning of time. Be one with what you cherish and be one with your new spirit. Allow these powerful spirits into your home and into your world and feel the change overtake you.

Each spirit holds deep wisdom and respect should be given with each one.

This items holds a traditional dragon with different looks. Full of wisdom of the third eye, intuition, aggressive protection of your spirit and body, and helps you communicate with your spirits more effectively. A great companion that takes well to all other dragons. Bring this friendly mystical creature into your world.
This powerful spirit will bring many nearly immediate changes into your life. A powerful protector and vast wealth creator. This dragon serves men and women very well. A great companion. A powerful fortune teller. This Dragon will become the leader within your spirit. Allow the gentle reptile spirit into your world and feel the power as it hunts for treasure. Bring the passion you once had for spirits back again with this enchanting Dargon.
The Dragon is known as Cruze, he is known for his power and strength -- he will protect, shield you from all evil, awken your third eye, create financial growth, and prosper better human contact.

Cruze is a powerful companion --- one unlike the rest of the dragon spirits.... he is a unique and illuminating spirit. This spirit will get along with all other activated spirits you hold within your home. It will protect and guide, yet stay out of the way unless it has found a treasure or needs to call upon you. This dragon also has the capabilities to bring a new powerful energy into your home. Allow this change as your third eye will begin to open and allow this spirit to bring the zest~

AMAZING!! Powerful cufflinks -- that channel your personal powers to evade and brink forth Cruze ~