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 ** Experiences leading to an investigation

(From our client Wilma)

My husband passed away on February 26, 2007. I found him lying on the floor in our computer room. He died from a heart attack. When they came in to remove his body from our house, all of the lights went off that moment, then came back on.

I went out to our garage and cried. All of a sudden, his motorcycle started up very loud and then went down to silence. Each morning he would ride his bike to work and his bike was parked outside on the driveway. I felt like maybe he was saying his goodbyes to me.

Some of my family didn't seem to believe me, and neither did the police who were there. I know what I encountered and no one will tell me any different. I wasn't frightened, but this was very abnormal.

Also after his death, my TVs would turn on by themselves, sometimes in the middle of the night or early in the morning. He used to watch his Nascar outside on the porch. When that TV came on very loud, I was in bed sleeping and it woke me up. I would say it must be him and would say hello. This happened many times and even on different TVs in the house.

His desire to let her know he was still with her was sweet --- and after helping her find comfort, we requested a piece from Merlin... he invoked this to allow you to sense all those you knew on Earth who have passed when they are near you. You will get clues, smell their perfume, see visions, etc. so you can feel the comfort, support, an ecnouragement that they are imparting upon you!!