Mischievous Mimi
Mischievous Mimi
Mischievous Mimi

Mischievous Mimi

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Mischievous Mimi
Those who are entitled often get so obsessed with their money that they let their personalities fade away.
Mimi was a doll given to a girl at a young age by her grandmother. She was young enough to be excited, but she quickly cared less about the doll, as she came from a family of wealth  and got new things all the time.
Her grandma bought the doll at a second had store, as something in the dolls eyes called out to her and it made her think of her grandchild.
Forgotten for years, Mimi was placed in the back of a closet. A few years ago when the girl was going off to college she was cleaning out her closet and found the doll. By this time her grandmother had passed on, and so she had a new appreciation for the doll, as it was a memory of her grandma.
She took the doll with her to college, and excelled in her courses, as well as on her volleyball team. She had always been a decent student, but now things were coming so naturally and she was prospering success in all avenues of her life.
She was able to get a paid internship that led to a lucrative job once she graduated, not to mention that she met her husband at this company! Things were just going her way! Mimi traveled with her from college to her first apartment, but once she got married and moved in with her husband, she felt although a great memory, that it was time to get rid of the doll.
The doll has been with several families since, and Lindy has had her now for about two years. She brings desired benefits of  - Financial, sexual, joy, happiness, prosperity, and more to the members of the family that she lives with, especially to the person who directly brings her home~!
Lindy has had many great advances since Mimi came to live with her. Mimi is mischievous and will put her family into trite situations to humor herself, but she always helps them out and uses the tactful experiences to bring them prosperity!
With such a busy schedule things in Lindy's life just went to the way side, but Mimi ignited new sparks an lets just say that Lindy has found time to enjoy life more, as great things have happened for her, especially in the bedroom~!
Lindy is satisfied, and then some, with all areas of her life and knows that Mimi likes to help those in need, so she is allowing her to be adopted into a new family.
Bring Mimi home and see how she will create fun chaos that will generate advances in financial growth, sexual explosion, happiness abode and just pure prosperity to yours, and all members of your families lives~!