Bargaining for TOO MUCH?
Bargaining for TOO MUCH?
Bargaining for TOO MUCH?

Bargaining for TOO MUCH?

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Bargaining for TOO MUCH?

** We got this background from a client of ours, Margaret **

I used to love going to yard sales. One particular summer it seemed like there were at least five or six every Saturday and my sister-in-law would drag our kids around digging through other people’s unwanted things hoping to find treasures~!

On one such trip I found a darling little doll. It was old, obviously, because it was well worn, but was in good shape and appealed to me.

I turned to the woman running the sale and said, “You can’t be selling this?” To which she replied, “Oh, yes, she’s for sale. She used to be my daughter’s, but I have had it for years. She’s pretty old, been around for years.” Looking over the doll, I could believe it, and I paid the ungodly price of $10 for this little bit of history.

When I got it home, I cleaned it up a little and sat it on my bed among some stuffed animals I had there. Later, I went back to my room to take a short nap. I pushed the animals aside, though the doll was close to my arm and at some point I must have put my hand on it.

I guess I dozed off quickly because when I woke up it was getting dark outside and I felt as if someone were tugging at me to wake up. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the doll moving. It looked as if someone was tugging it, but there was NO ONE in the room with me. Unseen hands were pulling the doll away from me. Instinctively, I grasped the doll and held it tightly, still amazed to find that something was tugging against me.

I sat up and put the table lamp on. The doll fell to the floor – I might have knocked it, or my unseen opponent might have pulled it down. Either way, I was convinced that if this particular doll was going to be in my home, she wasn’t going to sit on my bed!

Perhaps the ghost of a previous owner hadn’t liked that the doll was sold in a yard sale? Who knows? I just know, if anyone from the “other side” misses it, they can visit it in my china closet from now on!

** Margaret sent the above email and we contacted to see if anything happened since she placed the doll in the china cabinet? She said she kept having dishes laying over, and one day all the plates were turned backwards displaying the backs of the plates!

She asked us to take a look at the doll, and sent it in~. We have tested her to find that she holds the spirit of a little girl named Marie who died in a house fire.

Marie is a spirited girl who has ascended majestic powers through traveling in the realms. She is not always with the doll, but always returns to the doll for long periods, as it is her last connection to this world, as her house and everything else burned to the ground in the fire which took her life!

The doll was found in the backyard, as she was playing with it out by the oak tree that afternoon. Deedee was able to talk to Marie and learned that a neighbor girl found it and kept the doll -- and it has been passed on since.

Marie likes to use her skills and powers that she has gained since she has passed on in our realm... so she likes to focus on whoever has the doll to grant them ascension of her learned skills.

Marie will bring you abilities of psychometric power, pre-cognition abilities, retro-cognition powers, mediumship abilities and advancements in being able to astral travel and project your soul upon various realms!

These are awesome powers to have, and Marie will gladly implement these skills to you once you welcome her doll into your life~




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