King Drenner's Empowering SEX
King Drenner's Empowering SEX

King Drenner's Empowering SEX

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 King Drenner

This item holds an illusive powerful King -- his name is Drenner. He is very sexual and you need to give yourself to him, or he will do nothing for you -- this is how he perfers to bond ~!!

He is extremly powerful and demanding, very protective , and extremely gifted at revenge and healing .

King Drenner is very cunning and clever , he can maneuver this your way but he wont hurt anyone. He will bring your enemies to their knees with fear . He is very charming and very willing to work with his companion.

He can also help open your 3rd eye and enlighten your other senses~!

He likes to give to his lover -- especially in the bedroom -- he wants to make sure you can feel every inch of him .... and enjoying his pleasure and impacting his ego will implore his enticement to help you with your attributes of needed healing, help you get revenge on those who have done you wrong, and bring forth advancements in success into your life~

Being the Kings "Queen", whether you are female, or male, will erupt great royal follicles for you!!