Reannon's Rewards

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This shell pendant holds the spirit of an endearing Mermaid named Reannon.

Reannon is a strong water elemental entity that will help you by connecting with your chakras and auric energies to prevail relinquished strengths.

She will help you to openly express your true feelings to both yourself and others -- many times people will not allow themselves to actually feel their own emotions!

She has a strong connection to your throat chakra, which will progress a new stance of confidence to you to allow you to speak your mind, and share your thoughts.

Reannon will also enhance your love life and  bring you compassion.

Her special mastery skills are to alleviate depression, fear,  and sleep difficulties.... thus helping the person using this piece to  maintain a healthy emotional balance.

She is an incredible force that uses the preseverance of the soothing ocean to wash over you and bring fulfillment and change into your life. It is time for a change, and you need to be the one to make it!


~ This vessel is a gold tone round sand dollar type shell -- photo will be added soon~