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Birthing Gryphons

These little hatchlings are absolutely adorable little spirits~!

These will be like your own child, you will get to name them whatever you like. Your piece will come with a bonding ritual that will showcase you as their new parent!

Gryphons are fierce guardians and wonderful spirits to add to any family. They are white light spirits that are easy to bond with and generally make any one around them feel good.

You can often hear these little guys making chirping noises and I notice my indoor plants moving as if something is rummaging around in them...I think the babies are making a nest! They truly are adorable and need keepers that will have a lot of time to spend caring for them, teaching them about house rules and giving them a ton of love~

Gryphons embark amazing powers, and having a hatchling spirit will import you with the essential embrace to gain the energies and powers as they grow... as they will want to share ALL with the one who has cared and raised them.

Very unique, and cool, opportunity!!


*You get one imperial stone that will birth the hatchling for you -- !!