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Bringing you the power of all Laws of Attraction and Manifesting your Desires through harnessing the planets with a very select number of planetary spells that took over 12 months to create with many changes!

It is with much excitement that we FINALLY are ready to offer these beautiful enchanted bracelets to our customers and magical friends! When you receive this bracelet, you will know its potency before you place it on your wrist!

It's ability to transform your life may not be easy to measure now, but you will be certain that there is something "special" about it, once you feel the sense of calm that it gives you. If you suffer from worry and anxiety, this is the set of spells that can do you wonders!

You will feel within the first day wearing this that you are less anxious, more aware, and feel more "functional." One of the most important and most tell tale signs of an item enchanted with planetary spell work, are the spells ability to draw from the planets the calm and peaceful feeling that you will have around you once you have worn this upon your wrist!

All the work has been done for you! The casting of this set of bracelets took an entire month to finish, and the development of the proper set and combination of these spells took a year!

You do not need to do anything special in order to benefit from this enchanted piece~!

You must simply allow it to make contact with your aura --- so either have it touching you, or, at least allow it to be within your auric energy field for frequent periods of time to activate the spell cast energies within your body.

You will begin to feel such that all you desire is within your grasp, more optimistic about your life, and certainly more ready to jump into transforming yourself and obtaining the things you desire. As the spells begin to work, the harnessed energy of the planets will cause a spiritual alignment within yourself and your objectives to take place.


**The activation is simply wearing the bracelet and allowing it to make prolonged contact with your skin!

 ~ There are an array of different types of bracelets that have this spell cast upon them, so Lindy will select one for you... you can acknowledge if you have a larger sized wrist when you orer and she will try to accomodate ~