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Within this piece is a Necromancer who loves to play with the dead~!

He is very competent with his skills in the spirit world. He is also very passionate with his sex drive, and will seek to gain sexual adversary from the person whose body heat is felt upon this piece!

The wizard's name is Parker, and along with his desire to romp with you, he will also bring the dead into your bed as well. Have you always wished you would have been alive to try an seduce Marilyn Monroe, or maybe Elvis Presley? Well now you can open your bed to those who have passed on, so who knows who will show up!!

And the spiritual aspects esure you have safety from any kind of disease -- as a spirit will not carry anything disease basaed.

He knows dual magic, spiriutal implorement and sex magic and he doesn`t mind teaching you the ropes~!

You will enjoy the wrath of learning with Parker, as he will give it to you good -- whether you are male, or female, and will bring forth ambiguous spirits that will generate new fuel to spark the powers within your soul.

You can tap into the embedded energies that you will ensue and utilize the white light, dark ,or both types of, magic~!

** This was designed to be a bit phalic, as he always enjoys lond hard objects and creases -- so a long leaf with creased impressions appealed to him and became his chosen vessel~